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Transactions & Tax Department

Our office operates a Transactions & Tax Department, providing you with legal expertise in different areas, at every business and personal occasion. The department represents private businessmen and companies, besides local and international public companies of different sizes and industries.

We believe that today’s business landscape requires both the commercial and legal study of every performed transaction, which should ideally meet several criteria from more than one perspective.

For that, our solutions account for the pros and cons of all transaction aspects. They cover all transaction stages, starting with the planning and setup of the most suitable legal platform from a commercial and tax viewpoint. This extends to other related services, like establishing connections with local and international banks, links, and leads to relevant experts in every industry. We conduct these services with detailed care and analysis to achieve flawless deals that serve our clients’ best in the future while sparing them any risks or burdens entailed by such transactions.

Beyond the commercial and legal knowledge, our office offers financial know-how and specialty with particular emphasis on tax issues arising from transactions. In fact, as simple as they might appear, transactions involve taxation aspects that shouldn’t be overlooked.

For more comprehensive services, our offices are operational in other regions, including the Caribbean islands, Central Africa, North America, and Europe. More specifically, we are located in France, Austria, Geneva, Monaco, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Mali, Gabon, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Cyprus, Seychelles, and Armenia.

Such exposure entitles you, as a client, to a valuable combination of global insights and local knowledge that qualifies us to handle all aspects of complex domestic and cross-border corporate transactions.

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Corporate Department

As a corporate department, we support the development, investment, and operation activities of emerging startups and well-established companies, including financial institutions. Our lawyers empower your business with the best-working recommendations, including where to register the firm for tax purposes and where to purchase supplies from, to mention a few.

For successful deal outcomes, we assist our clients through all the stages of their transactions, from mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and venture capital to private and public equity and debt offerings.

Our success largely depends on understanding each industry and everyday issues faced by our clients. That is why alongside their legal experience, our corporate lawyers have industry-specific focus, such as banking, insurance, accounting, hospitality, technology, and other sectors.

Not only that, but our corporate lawyers are also experienced in key practice areas, including corporate governance, intellectual property, technology, antitrust, financial services, employment, compliance, data privacy rights and protection, and real estate.

Our team acknowledges the significance of corporate governance for business success. They represent a trusted advisor for leading and emerging companies, as well as government entities on matters of corporate governance. They also provide strategic advice and guidance while assisting clients with implementing new governance statutes, rules, and regulations; auditing compliance; evaluating disclosure issues; investigating allegations of wrongdoing; besides responding to civil, administrative, or criminal actions.

From the position of an institutional investor, we value governance and advise investors to implement it as a tool to align interests among stakeholders and monitor the actions, policies, and decisions of corporations.
Last but not least, our Corporate Department handles the registration of patents, trademarks, and licenses. It files all necessary paperwork before the competent governmental authorities and ensures their proper protection by drafting all kinds of relevant documents, such as agreements and undertakings. This includes non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, non-competition agreements, and license agreements.

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Litigation Department

At Capital Law Practice, our multidisciplinary team of experienced litigators offers a full range of dispute resolution and litigation services, both locally and internationally. Corporate business entities, organizations, and individual clients benefit from our lawyers’ keen sense of commercial awareness, good command over legal and technical principles, as well as their ability to present facts, law, and strategies in a reasoned and persuasive manner. We encourage alternative dispute resolutions that can reduce the cost and burden of lawsuits, and we innovatively explore every principled compromise that can serve our clients’ best interests.
Our team’s services stand out in their efficiency and promptness, especially in today’s fast-paced world. They tirelessly work in a forward-thinking, passionate, and cooperative approach to keep their clients informed in a timely manner about all the developments in any entrusted matter. At a further level, they are equipped with all it takes for the punctual management of legal matters, including the implementation, utilization, and development of the latest technologies, such as computerized research, case management software, and other advanced office tools.

The Litigation Department covers many areas of expertise, from civil, commercial, and legal procedures to criminal and administrative ones. Our highly qualified attorneys advise our clients on the appropriate legal measures to take, their applicable timeframe, and their likelihood of success. They manage all phases of the litigation, including the investigation, pleadings, and discovery through the pre-trial, trial, settlement, and appeal processes; the drafting of waivers, warnings, and legal briefs; besides the attendance at court hearings. Our litigators represent plaintiffs and defendants in all kinds of lawsuits. They closely work with lawyers from other departments and other supporting staff members.